Jambo on green canvas head pillow and blanket

The doggykin head pillow

Does your dog always seem a little unsettled when travelling in the car?

If so, then the doggykin head pillow is the perfect solution. It genuinely helps your dog relax in the car!

The unique curve of the doggykin head pillow and matching blanket provides a comfortable place for your dog to feel safe and secure. It has been tested by a number of dogs and each one settles down and pops his/her head on the doggykin pillow for the entire car journey.

The pillow and blanket sets are perfect for the car, to take on holiday or to use at home. Our stylish, contemporary, sustainable products are handmade to the highest ethical standard to guarantee comfort for your dog.

Relaxed car travel

The doggykin head pillow ensures that your dog is content, happy and relaxed when travelling in the car. Every dog that has tried the doggykin pillow has sat calmly and quietly in the back of the car.

Unique design

The unique curve of the doggykin pillow keeps your dog happy and secure, especially when travelling in the car. The blanket also features the doggykin curve to ensure a unique stylish design.
British made

Ethical & British

Made using only sustainable materials. All our products are handcrafted to the highest ethical standards from a small workshop in Kent. We guarantee that our products are good for the planet as well as your dogs.

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